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West End Piano Restoration - Serving Richmond Virginia and Surrounding Areas


My name is Alex Brusilovskiy, owner and technician of West End Piano Restoration, I tune pianos and specialize in complete piano restoration, covering Richmond Virginia and surrounding areas. I am a native of Moscow, Russia, I am married, with 3 children and my hobbies include camping and gardening which I love to plant persimmons and dill.

I began to study violin and piano at age of 7. I hold master degree of Moscow Forest University in musical instrument design and production. My working career started in Moscow piano factory, "Zaria" as an foremen. There are no better experiences for a piano technician than as a worker in piano factory. In 1987, I was appointed as a vice president of the company, supervising production department.

Besides designer and production of new models, I was deeply involved in restoration of grand pianos. In 1995 due to Russian piano industry collapse, I immigrated to USA and start to work for Richmond Piano as a technician. In 2003, I concentrated completely on my company, West End Piano. We provide full line of piano services, from tuning to concert Grand piano restoration. I specialize in Piano Rebuilding, Piano Restoration, Piano Tuning, Piano Refinishing, Pianomations and Piano Care and we can discuss any of your piano needs that you are searching for.

Among recently restored pianos are 7 foot Steinway B for VCU, 7 foot Steinway B for U of R, Checkering 9 foot Concert Grand for Trinity Episcopal Church Stanton VA, Steinway L for Eastern Mennonite University and other instruments.

I am happy to be able to focus entirely on my piano business and I thoroughly enjoy this. With other 30 years experience, you can trust me to expertly tune and/or restore your piano. Inquiries, contact and discussion may be initiated via my e-mail, or through a contact form with a section to ask questions about your piano or interest. A simple telephone call also works and you can reach me at 804-288-8878.

Thank you for taking the time to visit my website and I hope you find my experience beneficial in helping you with your piano tuning or restoration. I welcome the opportunity to serve your piano needs. Please visit my website again for updates on piano sells and pass along my information to others if you find anyone looking for a piano restoration professional.

Alexander Brusilovsky